21st Birthday Party Checklist

party checklistYour 21st birthday is an important milestone, we have created a short checklist to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything in the lead up to the big event.

  1. What type of party are you having? Is going to be a small get together at home or maybe a large catered party at a function room.
  2. 21st party theme. Want to make it a memorable night? Why not make it a fancy dress party.
  3. Book in a venue. Unless you are having a home party, it is vital to book a function room well in advance to ensure you do not get a last choice venue that is too far away.
  4. Food & Drinks. This can tie in with the theme you have chosen. Finger food such as party pies and sausage rolls are a popular choice.
  5. Send out the invites. Once you have organised the above it is safe to send out the invites to family and friends. These days it is not uncommon to invite most of the guest via social media sites such as Facebook.
  6. Entertainment. To keep the party alive you may decide to hire a DJ, jukebox or a karaoke machine for the evening.
  7. Decorations. It is the day of the party and you have a few short hours to get to set up some decorations! Maybe some streamers, balloons and a 21st birthday party banner.

And that’s it! Enjoy your 21st.

Tips for great 21st Birthday Speeches

21st Birthday speeches21st Birthday Parties can be a confronting time. With a combination family and friends mixed together … telling stories you would rather forget.

I am not sure which is the worse scenario … your best friend telling your grandmother the story of the night you “took one for the team” or your grandmother telling all your friends you wet the bet till the age of 10!

In these awkward moments it can be quite easy to lose focus and forget that you will be singled out to make a speech to mark your new adulthood.

Here are a few tips that may help you survive the night.

  1. Don’t drink too much. Well … at least not before the speeches. A couple of drinks might made you more confident, but too many could see you spending the next day nursing a hangover and apologising to your guests.
  2. Write it down if you need to. If your not much for the lime-lite, maybe put pen to paper to make sure you can thank everyone that has been an important factor in your life. Be sure to include anyone that has had to travel a long distance to be there for your 21st birthday.
  3. Get it out of the way early. Don’t wait till the end of the night to do speeches and cut the cake. A lot of your older guests tend to hang around for the speeches before politely leaving the party. Get it out of the way early and then you can enjoy the rest of the night.
  4. Keep it short. You don’t need to give them a day by day run down of what you have been doing over the last 21 years! Once the speeches are over you can party on and so can everyone else.
  5. Use humor if you can. If someone has a funny but slightly embarrassing story about you, take away their firepower by telling to everyone first.

But remember, enjoy your 21st birthday party responsibly.

10 top themes for your 21st birthday

21st birthday party themesFancy dress themed parties can be a fun way to ring in your 21st birthday.

Here are 10 awesome ideas for themes to make your twenty first birthday one to remember.

  • Grease – 1950’s
  • 1980’s Television personalities
  • Arabian Knights
  • Favorite T.V character
  • Rocky Horror Show
  • Wild West
  • Pirate Party
  • Halloween
  • Pop stars
  • Circus Carnival

There are many more fantastic 21st birthday party ideas, limited only by your imagination. And remember, have a fun night!

21st birthday hangover cures

hangover, 21st birthday partyLast nights 21st birthday party was awesome! … well, from what you remember. But now your head is rattling with the slightest movements.

Hangovers are not much fun, but before you mutter the words, “I am never drinking again”, here are a few hangover cures that will have you back on your feet in no time!

1) Sleep. If you have the luxury of time up your sleeve, go back to bed and sleep it off! Otherwise, read on…

2) Water. Hangovers make you dehydrated, so drinking plenty of water will help speed up your recovery. You could also have drinks that contain plenty of electrolytes, such as Gatorade or Powerade.

3) Vitamin B. Drinking depletes your body of vitamin B, so it makes sense to put it back it right? You can grab a packet of Berocca which is loaded with vitamin B & C to aid you in your recovery.

4) Junk Food. Nothing settles your tummy more than greasy fast food. Some bacon and eggs will have you feeling better …. and if not, at least you will have something in your stomach to throw up!

5) Painkillers / Antacids. Grab a Panadol or two to help with the pain and temperature. Antacids may help you also if you have sore stomach, by protecting the stomach lining. Always seek the advise of health care professionals first. Some over the counter medicines can make the matter worse!

6) Keep drinking! While studies show this course of action to work, the higher you climb, the further you will fall. This will only temporarily solve your problem …. and possibly turn you into an alcoholic!

Remember the pain you feel, so you can take steps to avoid this happening to you in the future. You may want to check out our previous post – Party responsibly on your 21st birthday.

Got a guaranteed hangover cure? Post it below.

Party responsibly on your 21st birthday

21st birthday party21st Birthday‘s can be a lot of fun, but it is also important to party responsibly! Take a few steps to insure your 21st birthday party doesn’t get out of hand.

Make sure you have plenty of soft drinks near the alcoholic drinks so your guests have a clear choice and they can have a break from alcoholic beverages if they choose.

Have the option of light beer on offer. So guest who are driving are not tempted to chance drinking full strength beer.

Have some activities that will slow down your guest’s drinking, such as karaoke, pool, darts or basically anything that requires them to put their drink down, even if it is only momentarily.

Have someone keep an eye on security to make sure you don’t have any gate crashers. With today’s social media technology, word of a birthday party can spread pretty quickly!

Have your 21st birthday in a function room that is equipped to deal with the responsible serving of alcohol. This may help prevent any damages in your house and making life long enemies of your neighbours.

21st birthday parties are meant to be fun, so remember to enjoy yourself, but do it in moderation.